17 juni, 2024

Look at me

Av Håkan Jartelius

I’m starting to get tired of people and now I know that there are people out there who think I’m whining, but am I really? It’s almost impossible to form new relationships in my situation. I’ve tried different methods, but they all end the same way. I’ve tried being honest about my situation and my CP injury right away, and I’ve tried waiting to bring these things up consciously, but they end up not responding even though they’ve previously said I’m very nice.

Looking at some of the relationships I’ve already managed to form in my life, it feels like I’m some sort of backup plan or that they take me for granted. For example, I’ve been told I’m that person’s best friend, but I haven’t seen or heard from that person in years…

But I’ve decided not to change who I am. I will continue to be outgoing and prefer to pursue my own goals in life rather than turn my personality inward. I plan to keep moving forward and sharpen my elbows in society to try to be a role model for others in wheelchairs.

Soon, I will be testing a new platform for my blog, but in a new format, so it will be exciting.